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Julie A. Keil <>
Mar 22 (1 day ago)

to George
Erik Trump suggested I contact you. I have a couple of projects that could really use some computer brilliance, but one is more pressing than the other.

I run a tournament every year at SVSU for my moot court program. 40 teams of two students from 5-8 schools come to compete and I have to set up three rounds of the competition the first day. Students can’t compete against the other teams from their school, they can’t compete against the same team twice, they have to be on two different sides in the first two rounds and they have to be in a different classroom each of the three rounds.

I typically do this by hand which takes several hours, only to have the teams drop out, get added, etc. Last year I had to do this by hand three times. If it’s done wrong the entire tournament grinds to a halt and can’t proceed until it’s fixed.

Is this something that students would be able to do? We have a scorekeeping program that does all of the scorekeeping for the tournament and that goes smoothly, but this part is always a nightmare.
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